Let us help you go further on the road to a healthier life

Our treatments reduce stress and tensions in the body, strengthen the immune system and give you a pleasant, refreshing feeling.

You can only order treatments as part of a package.

Spa treatments

Massage: 30 min – 400 NOK
Salt massage: 30 min – 500 NOK
Full body massage: 60 min – 800 NOK

Medical offers


30 min – 500 NOK/60 min – 800 NOK
The duration of the first physiotherapy session is always 60 min and includes a comprehensive check up. The physiotherapist and guest then decide if the next session will be 30 or 60 min.


60 min – 500 NOK
If there are at least three interested then we can call a foot therapist, which comes if he has time.

Blood tests:

Standard package upon arrival: cholesterol test and fasting blood sugar
Standard package upon departure: cholesterol test

The standard packages with blood tests upon arrival and departure are included in the price for those who come for whole guest periodes. For shorter stays this must be paid additionally.
You will get the result from the first test during a personal conversation before your departure. After the stay you will receive the results of both the blood tests in the mail, so that you can see the improvement you have made during your stay.


30-45 min – 600 NOK
Hydrotherapy involves the use of warm and cold water. The effect of changing the water temperature improves the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.
Hydrotherapy can be administered in various ways, depending on the need.
It is necessary to rest at least 30 min after the treatment for optimal effect.

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