is an acronym for the eight health keys:

N stands for Nutrition
E stands for Exercise
W stands for Water
S stands for Sunshine
T stands for Temperance
A stands for Air
R stands for Rest
T stands for Trust


Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food Hippokrates said 2500 years ago. The Norwegian Directorate for Health has now updated its information and says the following under the title of nutritious vegetarian diet:

“A vegetarian diet, well put together, is nutritionally adequate and can have positive health effects when it comes to the prevention and treatment of several diseases”.

Using less of animal products makes the body function better. Fredheim’s speciality is a 100% plant-based diet which includes much appetising raw food and warm meals, which we get a lot of good feedback on. The taste experience is followed by both theoretical and practical teaching where we show how you can make this food. Many of our guests experience a big health benefit through the days at Fredheim and travel home with the certainty that it pays off to make a bit of effort yourself.

Within nutrition we have the following offers:

  • 100% plant-based vegan food
  • Cooking demonstrations with practical guidance
  • Lectures about diet and health


It is one law of life that our body needs movement. Inactivity is the cause of many illnesses and it is easy to get stuck in bad habits. Exercise is one of the best tools we have to prevent lifestyle diseases, improve or regain health, get into better shape and get more energy. Not to mention its healthful benefit to lift our mood. Our guests at Fredheim really appreciate the opportunity to exercise together with others out in the fresh air, on our nice paths in the gorgeous woodland – a nice combination of several health keys.

Within exercise we have the following offers:

  • Free use of our gym
  • Guided trips in the forrest and plains
  • A map over all the marked paths for taking trips by yourself
  • Access to nicely prepared skiing trails during the winter
  • Lectures about the positive effect exercise has on your health


Our body is made up off around 70% water. To be able to function in the best possible way, we need to continually replace the missing liquids that we lose through breathing, sweating and urinating. At Fredheim you can get useful tips about when and what you should drink, in order to have the biggest possible benefit for your health. Water can also be used on the body as hydrotherapy – a form of treatment that we offer our guests. This results in increased blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps the body become better sooner.

Within water we have the following offers:

  • Very good water from our own well
  • Free use of our spa area
  • Hydrotherapy treatments


The sun is the energy source that upholds all live on earth. It is important for the the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance, it strengthens the immune system, brightens our mood and helps against depression. When sun rays hit the skin then it produces vitamin D, but on our latitudes this only happens during the summer. Regardless of that the sun’s light and warmth in modest amounts is healthful. From the early spring to late in the fall our guests enjoy themselves out in the sun on our south-facing and sheltered porch. With the climate of east Norway, we have many sunny days throughout the year, which makes our trips in the nature especially enjoyable.

Within sunshine we have the following offers:

  • Trips in the forrest and plains with a guide or by yourself
  • A big porch where you can enjoy the sun
  • Solarium


Showing moderation with the use of good things and avoiding bad things is a clever thought, however it is unfortunately often difficult to put into practice. One cannot buy a little temperance or get it as a gift – it is something that must be learnt and practiced. Our program can be adapted to each person and we wish to help you find more balance in life.

Within temperance we have the following offers:

  • Regular and healthy meals
  • Alcohol free environment
  • Good tips and advice, both through personal conversations and presentations.

Fresh air

Air/oxygen is one of the body’s most fundamental needs. Poor air quality makes us tired and unproductive, and polluted air can make us sick. The very best air quality can be found in nature. Fredheim’s surroundings are known for its good air quality – it’s in fact so good that it was previously a treatment senter for people with asthma.

Within fresh air we have the following offers:

  • Located far from traffic and pollution
  • Great hiking opportunities along marked trails of varying length
  • Pleasant garden / outdoor area


We need rest to renew both body and mind and work properly. There are many healthy ways of enjoying rest – aside from getting enough sleep. Here at Fredheim you can rest from the everyday hustle and bustle in our peaceful environment. You decide which treatments and which parts of the program you want to participate in. Our wish is that through your stay you will experience a productive rest which allows you to go home full of energy and hope for the future.

Within rest we have the following offers:

  • The possibility to rest and have time alone when you see fit
  • Quiet time between the hours. 22.00 and 07.00
  • Relaxing treatments
  • Jacuzzi and sauna at your disposal
  • A special day of rest for the renewal of body and mind


The relationship between body and mind is closely connected. Many diseases are caused or aggravated by depression, sadness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, guilt and remorse. We will do our best to help you experience a release from destructive thoughts and negative feelings by directing the focus upwards.

Within trust we have the following offers:

  • Morning encouragement which we call “the word of the day”.
  • Relevant literature which can be purchased
  • Lectures on the interaction between body and mind

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