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By participating in our effective health programs you will receive guidance and inspiration for a new and better life.
A 10 day stay in the warm and caring atmosphere at Fredheim Lifestyle Center can give you a NEWSTART

Become one of our many satisfied guests which travel home inspired and renewed!

Thank you for all the care, support and friendliness you give us straying, tired and hungry travellers.Ingrid Myhra
Many thanks for the fantastic, inspiring, knowledgeable, strengthening and good days at your place, thank you especially that you give so much of yourselves, that you are who you are!Anlaug Kråkenes
I just came back from my doctor, and he was very satisfied. My blood pressure is now 115/75 and I’m hoping to stop taking my blood pressure medication by the spring. I have lost 20 kg since my stay in April, and I fee like a new person! Thank you very much!Terje Bøifot

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Eight keys of health for a NEWSTART

The eight keys of health, which our NEWSTART program builds upon, are well tested and in accordance with the latest in health research.

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Let us help you go further on the road to a healthier life

Our treatments reduce stress and tensions in the body, strengthen the immune system and give you a pleasant, refreshing feeling.

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Find rest in our beautiful surroundings

Fredheim Lifestyle Center is located in beautiful and quiet natural surroundings just outside of Kongsberg, with a nice view towards the Skrim mountain.
Here you can find rest from the daily hustle and bustle in a warm and caring atmosphere.

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