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Join the mentored chef training program at Fredheim!

  1. Be part of a team with 40 years experience in using food to heal diseases
  2. Ten months of mentoring to become a qualified plant-based chef
  3. A 2:1 student-mentor ratio
  4. Get certified by Rouxbe, a professional culinary curriculum


Web curriculum description plant-based cook outcomes
  1. To acquire and develop skills in cooking methods and techniques in plant-based cuisine.
  2. To build a solid foundation in plant-based nutrition and an understanding of the different philosophies, fads and trends.
  3. To acquire an understanding of the systems that make up the operations in food services.
  4. To see the personal and career development opportunities available in the foodservice and hospitality sectors.
  5. To appreciate the role of foodservice and hospitality sectors in sharing the gospel.

Course objectives

Learn culinary skills

  • Learn culinary skills with Rouxbe Plant Based Professional Course online
  • Demonstrate knife handling and a variety of knife cuts
  • Outfit the plant-based kitchen with essential tools and equipment
  • Explain basic principles of food and kitchen safety
  • Identify and explain complementary and professional skills
  • Demonstrate culinary proficiency in foundational wet methods, such as steaming and simmering
  • Demonstrate culinary proficiency in foundational dry methods, such as roasting and sautéing
  • Practice advanced recipe development with plant-based cuisine
  • Plan and organize food production and apply principles of batch cooking
  • Understand principles of flavor balancing, building, layering and seasoning
  • Prepare a wide array of plant-based staple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Prepare plant-based proteins, such as tofu, tempeh and seitan and non-dairy substitutions
  • Build mother sauces, dressings, marinades, condiments and pickles
  • Understand flavor profile development including herb and spice combining
  • Explore and appreciate plant-based cuisines and foods around the world
  • Practice cooking for specific dietary restrictions, special diets and wellness-centered cuisine
  • Understand gluten free ingredients, cooking technique and recipe development
  • Entertain and plan meals with attention to plating and presentation
  • Explain the importance of whole, minimally processed and nutrient dense foods in a plant-based diet

Understand the operational systems of a commercial kitchen

  • Menu planning
  • Procurement
  • Equipment care
  • Staff scheduling
  • Health and safety
    • Waste management
    • Food storage
    • Cleaning methods
  • Personnel management
  • Budgeting
  • Food cost control

Developing skills through practical application

  • By working in Fredheim's kitchen
  • Apply knowledge and develop skills
  • Gain from the experience of our staff
    • Marketing
    • Leadership
    • Online sales
    • Staff scheduling
  • Spiritual growth by studying the Spirit of Prophecy in the context of healthful cookery
  • “Making 10 Talents” - character shaping reading material on spiritual revival in connection to everyday work
  • Getting inspired for health work by joining Fredheim staff devotionals
  • Learn to share your knowledge and skills through demonstrations and presentations with staff and guests
  • Active involvement in Kongsberg SDA church ministry

Future opportunity

Work experience and training opens the door to:

  1. Many opportunities to work in Adventist institutions across the world
  2. Many OCI ministries across the world
  3. Receive a certificate of recognition from Rouxbe which is recognised by the World Association of Chefs in most countries of the world to work as a qualified “Commis Chef”

Vacation and duration of course

  • Duration of course: Ten months in total
  • Beginning of course: End of August / Beginning of September
  • Semester practical exam and student project: December, first week
  • Winter vacation: December, last three weeks
  • Final practical assessment: To be determined
  • Last day of the course: July, first or second week

Practical work and personal study

  • The training is structured as an apprenticeship where on the job training is an integral part of the program.
  • ​Fredheim kitchen is operating on a “Ten Day NEWSTART Period” from Monday to Thursday. Therefore students are asked to adjust their studying time according to the needs in the kitchen.
  • ​Long weekends between the “Ten Day NEWSTART Periods” are meant to focus on the online Rouxbe course.
  • Time invested in studying Online Rouxbe “Plant Based Certification Course.”
    • The course material covers approximately 220 hours of learning, which includes various learning activities, practical cooking exercises, written assignments and graded exams. Fredheim Education asks the students to aim for finishing the Online Rouxbe “Plant Based Certification Course" by May or June of the school year to then begin with the exclusive “Fredheim - Food as Business Modules.”
    • It takes regular work and discipline to complete the course. To earn your Certificate of Completion within six months, we recommend you spend 12-15 hours per week learning to complete the course requirements. Best of all, most of this time is spent cooking.
    • Students are asked to keep a transparent “Log” of their time invested in the Online Course.
    • Meetings held every other week, together with your supervisor and fellow students, are arranged to inspire high goals in personal and spiritual life and achieve milestones in the studies.
  • We believe in practical education: That's why we are offering an exclusive hands-on-training during the whole duration of the cooking course conducted at Fredheim. You will gain experience equaling a 80% worker's position.
    • To give you a "kick-start" in the kitchen we supply you with a “Mentored Learning Phase” in the first three months of your study. We provide six days per month additional practical experience in Fredheim's kitchen together with your own assigned mentor to ensure an exponential learning curve in your culinary performance.

Apply online

Submit documentation

  1. Completed application form
  2. Email - Curriculum Vitae (CV)*
  3. Email - Scanned Passport photo in color*
  4. The email address of three reference persons such as a Pastor, supervisor, teacher or suitable other (not family) – the form will be emailed directly to them

*Document is to be submitted to

Procedure after submission of application and documentation:

  • After the application is received, we will send an initial reply.
  • After the application deadline, applications will be reviewed.
  • If all the documentation is received, you will be contacted to organize a time for an online interview.
  • You will receive an answer from admissions in the case your application is accepted.


Application deadline: June 01, 2021
Application response: June 15, 2021
Applicant response: June 22, 2021
Student fees due: July 2021

Target group
Age: 18+
Amount: a maximum of 2 students per year.

Total course value: 70,000.00 NOK (EUR 6379)
Student fees: 25,000.00 NOK (EUR 2265)
Total value of the program is approximately NOK 70,000.00 which includes: housing, meals, training, resources, supplies and equipment. Students are asked to pay NOK 25,000.00. The reasons students only have to pay a portion of the total course value is because Fredheim Lifestyle Center covers much of the cost for each student.

*Figures subject to change without notice

Fredheim Lifestyle Center will cover all injuries and accidents which happen during work and study time. We strongly suggest signing up for travel insurance for the free time and vacation you will have in Norway during the course’s length.

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